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(Bad Sketch) Synchronicity Parody by Pr0j3CT5AkuR4 (Bad Sketch) Synchronicity Parody by Pr0j3CT5AkuR4
So why not?

Ahno, I'm probably the only one who uses a bunch of philippines for one story xD
There's a forever alone joke in here, can you spot it? //diiiies)
Anyway, cast was thought out before > >;

I made a mistake, but Urdaja was to Andayu as Teto was to MEIKO.
Dragoness: Indonesia
Yolgnu is the dragon FTW //diiiies)
Current Diva: Amihan
Past Divas: Urdaja, Visayas, the Hetalia Women
Meiko: Andayu
Len: Luzon
Kaito: S. Korea
Gakupo: Brunei
Ruko: Mindanaos
Luka: Spain

I honestly have a storyline, buuuuut > >; I am kinda still getting used to this tablet I got from my boyfriend
for christmas ( I was naughty I know, but It's not like I had a tree to put it under (during the week we generally
put up the tree, my mom got her kidney. We didn't do anything christmassy at all xDD, we are even gonna buy our
presents after christmas > >; )

This wasn't teh first thing I drew, the first thing I drew was a thank you for him xDD.
I'm gonna be cute though and play with it when he's online so he can see xD //diiies )

Indonesia, Philippines (Urdaja), Malaysia belong to :icondinosaurusgede:
LuzMinVis trio belongs to :iconjcpilipinas:
Philippines (Amihan) belongs to me > w >;
dinosaurusgede Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good luck :D I cant wait to see the finished picture
Pr0j3CT5AkuR4 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Ahno, thak you, I hope you'll look forward to future works ^^ ~
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December 24, 2012
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