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GtaNR Synopsis (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays) by Pr0j3CT5AkuR4 GtaNR Synopsis (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays) by Pr0j3CT5AkuR4
Ya'll thought cha weren't getting anything this Christmas/Holiday Season, huh?

Anyway, thank you guys so much for sticking around. I know I haven't released much RomaPiri in a while, but I hope this makes up for it! As of today, I have aboooout .... 39 watchers! I have more people fave my stuff though and never +watch, but that's okay! I wanna tell you guys I haven't forgotten about the story at all and I have been working on it (sloooowly).

My boyfriend had bought me a tablet (I cried for his wallet, especially since he lives IN THE UNITED KINGDOM whilst I live in the UNITED STATES) and so I thought I'd play with it and draw this thing! It's not too well done yet (you can still see the excess lines) but for the most part, my style hasn't changed and it was easier to get used to looking at the screen than I thought > v>; I'm still adjusting to the features and such as well as the feel of using it, but it is a wonderful feeling to (kinda?) be faster at uploading stuff, at least in teh form of line art (I haven't figured out coloring yet > >; )

I might make a gif outta this, buuuut ... we'll see.
Elf x Reindeer is magical //diiiies)

If ya'll wanna see what's going on:
: Wh - what's the big idea?!
:iconchibifiriplz:: H - hnngh, what're you assholes doiiiing?!
:iconitalyraveplz:: It's for your own good, fratello!
:iconyaypilipinasplz: Come on you can do it! <3
:iconseborgaplz:: Fratello, why don't you just admit you wanted this set-up
:iconromanoblushplz:: Wh - what're y - you t - ta- talking --
:iconvenicianoplz:: Ve, ~ big brother, you kept trying to edge her over here <3
:iconromanoftwplz:: msjdnfjnhbla b - bullshit, I - I never ... *stares at her*
:iconphilippinesplz:: ...
:iconsitalyblushplz:: ...
:iconbrotherraveplz:: *stares at the two* (onlygroupplzthatletsthismakesense)
:iconromanorapedfaceplz:: .... ;;;;;;;; W-Well you're wrong!! Who the hell would wanna kiss such a stupid looking girl, anyway?!
:iconguaahplz: (Amihan): !!!
:iconitsfreezingplz (everyoneelse): !!! ;;; :iconnordicswtfplz: :iconspitbeerplz:
:iconromanorapedfaceplz:: I - I mean, honestly, she's really violent and flat-chested!! I like my women to be a little bit more voluptuous than her a - as well as effeminate and graceful, not that clumsy moron!!
:iconitalyohshitfaceplz: U - uhm ... f - fratello? ;;
:iconromanorapedfaceplz:: Y - yeah, why would ANYONE find kissing her to be amazing!? As far as she's concerned, she's the last one I'd kiss -- I'd kiss her sister (Urdaja) before I kiss --
:iconscareditalyplz:: FRATEEEELOOOOOO!!! ;;;;;
:iconbastardoplz: WHAT?!
*area is cleared with just Italy, Romano, and Amihan*
:iconshockedromanoplz: .... ;;;;;
:iconitalymegawtfplz: .... ;;;;;
:iconsmartyplz: .... *smirks, starts chuckling*
*Romano and Italy starts to whimper*
:iconcomeoverhereplz:: So ... is that what you ... really ... truly think?
romano & Italy: :icondotdotdotplz:
:iconcomeoverhereplz:: WELL?!
Italy: I'm sorry Fratelloooooo!!!!! :iconruncryplz:
Romano: AGH!?! DAmmit you bas -- AGH!!
Amihan: Why ... *picks him up by collar* don't you .... *throws him up*
:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz: JUST GO DIE THEN?!
Romano: CHIGIIIIIIIIII!!!! ;;;;; :iconromanofailsplz: *gets up slowly*
Amihan: *throws something else* :icononionsoccer1plz:
Romano: :iconpwnedbabyromanoplz: *knockedout*
Amihan: *stomps away and slams door*

Amihan (outside door, face red, angry tears) : :iconsadwendyplz:

Me (in the background): COWARD [Romano]!!

I hope ya'll realize I both got lazy and ran out of icons, especially for Amihan xDD

Merry Christmas to ya'll and/or Happy Holidays to ya.

Romano belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz
Philippines is an OC and was designed by me
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BlackSilkPaper Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
awesome 8D
Pr0j3CT5AkuR4 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Isn't it lovely = w= ~ I just wished I saved it as png instead of jpeg xDD //cannot color well)
BlackSilkPaper Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
You are so good draw~
8D Hope so
Pr0j3CT5AkuR4 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you, in any case, I hope you'll look forward to future works by me
BlackSilkPaper Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2012
I'll try ^^
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